Google Is King


All of our client’s ask us the same question without fail, “How can I rank number one in Google”. I don’t want to laugh, because that would be rude, so instead I launch into my SEO lecture on how creating authentic content, coupled with consistent effort and over time…blah, blah, blah. I’ve noticed I loose them after the word effort. The truth of the matter is there is no tricking the machine. Google is a benevolent king, and you will be rewarded if you follow His (or Her depending on your preference) instructions. Not to toot our own horns here at InSession, but if you key into google Couples Therapy Pasadena, our client Donna Shanahan comes up on page one in the organic search, so we do have some true success in this whole crazy SEO world.

And, since you asked, I am providing some very helpful (sorry about the length, again it’s Google, not us) reading material to help you understand and then form a solid plan for ranking number one in Google! To read what Google has to say click here. And to see another helpful source click this link.

Please note that in the Google Guide pages 1-14 describe what InSession provides in our basic SEO, or plainly said “what you get when we build you a website with us”. Pages 15-29 describe what you receive with our advanced SEO optimization Package. Our advanced SEO optimization is also listed under our pricing page.