Mobile Apps for Therapists

Therapist Directory

Find and book therapy sessions near you. The InSession Therapist Directory App is the easiest way to find and connect with therapists near you. Find the best counselors wherever you are by accessing the largest network of therapy professionals.

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I|S Mood Tracking

A compelling tool for communicating with clients. Our app is inspired by the simple notion of easily keeping track of how you feel. With a variety of presets and a few key settings, your clients have the power to quickly and easily capture their emotions.

Daily reminder to track your feelings Graphs your feelings by week, month, and year Add notes using 144 characters like Twitter

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Insurance Submission – BETA

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You Care For Your Clients, We Care For Your Revenue.

You have a resource who knows what works, what doesn’t, and get’s you paid. Get paid by your clients insurance companies. Just take a photo in our app or email your bills. We do the rest. Get your money back ASAP. The charge is 6% of what we earn for you. We only get paid if you get paid!

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IFeelX is a website and webapp that curates content for you based on your feelings. You can save or share that content while charting your feelings and those of the people you care about.

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SnapNotes – BETA

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Snap a pic of your psychotherapy notes, progress notes, and intake forms & instantly upload to your client account. A true paperless solution.

Automatically Deleted from Phone After Upload HIPAA Compliant Psychotherapy Notes, Progress Notes, and Intake Forms

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