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Counselors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Therapists: Build a Website Yourself, Easily for only $14/month.

All of our plans come with Counselor Developed Content, FAQ, and Resources, which you can edit as you like. We provide Curated Photography, PDF Intake Forms, Mobile Ready, & HIPAA Hosting.


Looking for a therapist website? InSession offers therapists beautiful, content rich, mobile ready therapist website that drives revenue and clients – complete with simple HIPAA practice management tools, SSL hosting, & exceptional customer support.

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“It’s a solution tailored to therapy professionals and the customer service is second to none.

InSession feels like it was built for therapists, because it was.”



Take the anxiety out of attracting new clients & running your practice.

Turn therapist website visitors into paying clients. Our simple, therapist specific dashboard puts you in control, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Your Practice.


Therapist Websites

Empowering therapists to attract new clients and easily manage their practice. Our mission is to create beautiful websites and easy to use software.

We provide excellent customer support and therapists can trust that we will build and improve their professional reputation with the following products:

InSession Standard Website – the best psychotherapy website templates; InSession Plus – best counseling website design; Thrpy – Build It Yourself – the best website builder for therapists and InSession Practice Management Tools have all been Custom Developed and conceived out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system.

InSession is the perfect partner for your practice.

Are you looking for a Do it Yourself solution? Check out our build it yourself counselor websites system Thrpy™. Empowering Counselors with Easy to Build Websites. Thrpy combines beautiful website design and superior SEO technology to create the ultimate counselor website. We give counselors everything they need to run their private counseling practice using an elegant counseling website template.

Therapist Marketing

Twenty years of design & coding experience, and 8 years focusing on the Mental Health Profession. We are a Google Verified Business, an Apple Certified Developer, an Android certified Developer and a Google Business Apps developer.

We maintain professional affiliations with Psychology Today and the American Psychology Association.

We are SSL and HIPAA compliant.

Therapist Branding

Creating strong brands builds trust and name recognition. Let us create a memorable logo, business card, and letterhead for your practice.