On Why I Became A Therapist, From Lynne Alexander

This was a thoughtful and interesting post from one of our very special and well respected therapists, Lynne Alexander of Palo Alto Therapy & Counseling. Please read her post below:

I was recently asked what “type” of client I enjoy treating the most. This question is almost impossible to answer, but here is an attempt to describe what I do as a therapist, and what true joy, meaning and fulfillment I derive from the process. Unfortunately, the work I do, and the results people experience go far deeper than a diagnosis, or current life situation, so it is much harder to describe, and less specific.

The people who get the most out of working with me are those who have a vague unhappiness, no matter how much money or success they have. Life always seems frustrating, disappointing or meaningless to them, they often describe feeling empty inside, and they have tried everything they can think of to feel better, but nothing has worked.

It isn’t that I prefer to work with very successful people, it’s that those who aren’t successful in life, often believe that is the cause of their unhappiness, instead of the reverse, and so are less likely to seek therapy.

By the end of a successful therapy with me people love their life. They feel at ease being themselves, like and trust themselves. Most have doubled or tripled their income (or much more), have many close friends and are very happily married, even if they were alone and lonely, or in a miserable relationship at the beginning. (Sometimes this has been a change of spouse, sometimes not).

I work equally with men and women, and with adults of all ages (college to people in their 70’s).

I am passionate about helping people who had a previous bad experience in therapy.

I love helping people who feel unhappy, or empty, despite having “it all”.

I really enjoy helping people to discover and appreciate their deepest truest self and all of the ease, joy and well being that brings into their life.

Dr. Lynn Alexander, Palo Alto Therapy & Counseling provides therapy & counseling for anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD for adults. Consulting and supervising licensed MFTs, LCSW’s, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.