Retreats Texas: RENEW: A MomChic Retreat

Retreats Texas: RENEW: A MomChic Retreat

The ideal weekend for YOU: Moms looking to relax, connect, learn and clearly define and embrace your roles as mother, partner and fun-loving women!

RENEW: A MomChic Retreat

The MomChic weekend is designed to allow you to relax, connect, learn, and clearly define and embrace your life! Whether you’re a new mom, single mom, or seasoned mom, we hope you will take this step for yourself and join us.

Here is the thing about being a mom no one tells you when they are gifting nipple cream and swaddles… it takes a TON of emotional energy. There is nothing like a full-blown toddler tantrum, or adolescent backtalk to remind you, you don’t know sh*t. You read books, call your mom crying and eventually lash out in misguided anger at your partner because ALL of your children’s bad qualities come from THEM. Am I right?! Being a mom is tough stuff! The emotional energy can be exhausting, leaving us feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.

The good news is that there is a better way. MomChic knows the secret sauce to happy families… Moms! HAPPY moms are the secret sauce. Let us fill up your cup so you can be that HAPPY mom. The MomChic weekend is designed to allow you to relax, connect, learn, and clearly define and embrace your life!

RELAX: Pool! Let me say that again, THERE IS A POOL AND YOUR KIDS WON’T BE THERE. The retreat, held at Hotel Lucy, in Granbury, Texas is the perfect place to get away from it all! The hotel boasts beautiful green grounds, a private pool and access to the cutest and quaintest small town for shopping, eating and getting lost in books. We LOVE the Hotel Lucy.

Retreats Texas: RENEW: A MomChic Retreat

CONNECT: The weekend will offer you the opportunity to connect with friends. Feel free to bring your own, or enjoy getting to know and making new friends at daily happy hours! MomChic will also provide you with the time, space and tools to really connect to yourself.

LEARN: Seasoned counselors who are up to date on ALL of the latest research and tools will help you find peace in your daily life. Annie will teach you how to better connect with your body and guide you through mindfulness based techniques designed to help quiet your mind and bring you into the present moment. We will work on discovering and embracing your true identity—what you value, what motivates you and what you need to live an abundant life. Kathryn will teach the gold standard in all recent anxiety research, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to help you navigate feeling overwhelmed, stressed and inadequate. Life is short, we don’t have time for that!

DEFINE: With all that time you spend worrying about your kids, your partner and your in-laws (yes, I said that :) you probably haven’t left much time for setting your OWN intentions: personal, motherhood, spousal and professional. Let’s do some deep work, let’s find out who you are, what you want and how to get it!

EMBRACE: Let’s get good with it, ALL of it! Annie and Kathryn will coach you on the key to happiness, acceptance, and what that looks like in real life!

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